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Fire Detection, Alarm & Protection System

Fire Alarm and Smoke Control Systems, Fire Extinguishing Systems, Public Address Systems, Marine Fire & GAS Protection Systems, Special High Hazard Fire Protection Systems, Computerized, Automatic Fire Protection Systems, Gas Alarm Systems. Also we provide provides various fire safety and firefighting equipment and systems that include custom-made vehicle such as fire trucks, ambulances, mobile maintenance vehicles as well as fire alarms, firefighting skids, fire pumps, voice evacuation systems, emergency light systems, fire rated cables, fire doors, foam systems, smoke and ventilation systems. 

Fire Steel Doors & Non-Fire Steel Doors
We distribute Fire Steel Doors, 3 Hr Fire Rating, ANSI/UL 10C & CAN/ULC-S104. Various type, styles, finish : Single Doors, Double Doors, Flush Doors, Flush with Vision Panels, Embossed Doors, Powder Finish, Wood Grain Finish as well as various types of hardware are available upon request. 2 Hr Fire Steel Doors and Non-Fire Steel Doors are also available upon request to fulfill most requirements.